Launch token-gated products for true fans

When Nike moved into the NFT space with CryptoKicks they barely had to change their playbook. For years their exclusive, location-specific launches for new sneakers and limited runs had people lining up around the block. It translates perfectly to NFT launch tactics like virtual or in-person events, and early-access “whitelists” for true fans.

Taco makes it possible for you to launch exclusive, early-access products to your loyal fans in just minutes. By plugging into the Shopify storefront you’re already used to, you and your customers get the power of web3 and the convenience of Web 2.0.

For example, you could use your NFT launch to crowdfund a new product line. “Bronze”, “Silver”, and “Gold”-tier NFTs could earn holders a stream of 1-3 loyalty tokens every month, which they could then use to redeem exclusive products and special offers. That’s a lifelong show of gratitude to customers who supported the company upfront, and it’s an incentive for early adopters to take a chance on you.

Customers can even send those tokens to a friend and for every two they gift, they’ll receive one for themselves. A good loyalty program is all about incentivizing “brand-valuable behavior”, which is more valuable than just buying more products more regularly. Since your customers can buy and sell the NFTs you’ve given out, this allows for a whole ecosystem of gifting and trading that brings new customers in without you having to pay to seek them out.

And with all of that brand-valuable behavior happening on the blockchain, you’re able to analyze the entire history of the crypto wallets involved and combine it with your own proprietary customer data.

Even better, Taco lets the user opt-in to handing over that data: if they’ve seen too much spam to want to hand out their email to another company, they don’t have to. And since that data is on a public blockchain and not housed inside one of Facebook's data centers, for example, nobody can change or revoke your access to that data at any time. Your customers are your customers, and the software you use to connect with them shouldn’t get in the way of those relationships.

These are more comprehensive analytics than anything on Web 2.0, they don’t intrude on customers’ privacy, and Taco’s analytics tooling makes it easy to take it all in at a glance.